About Us

Maroon 9 was founded in 2015 as the “Maroon 9 Sickle Cell Support Organization” producing Sickle Cell awareness events and providing financial support to patients. Maroon is the official color for the Sickle Cell awareness ribbon. The number “9” represents the month of September which is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. As the organization grew, it began to host youth programs and community events targeting the entire family unit. Maroon 9 amended its name to the “Maroon 9 Community Enrichment Organization”, to fulfill a need for more positive community engagement and enriching youth programs.

Community Gardening


Our vision is to provide a consistent and safe space for community enrichment programs, special events, mentoring,
guidance, and support.




Maroon 9 Community Enrichment Organization is dedicated to
enriching the lives of youth, educating the community, and bringing awareness to Sickle Cell Disease.
To achieve this mission, we provide high-quality youth enrichment
programs focused on Fine Arts in addition to STEM and Life Skills. We also produce family-friendly
events and provide care packages and financial assistance to Sickle Cell patients during hospitalizations.

"We should nurture creativity in youth just as much as academics." 
- ShaVonne Banks-Davis, Maroon 9 President