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Maroon 9 is dedicated to bringing awareness to Sickle Cell Disease and supporting patients living with the disease and their families.  The organization's name represents the color "maroon" which is the ribbon color for Sickle Cell Disease.  The number "9" represents the month of September which is Sickle Cell Awareness month. Although we donate to and support Sickle Cell research in hopes of finding a cure, our organization believes our resources are better spent helping the basic needs of the over 27,000 Sickle Cell patients in Tarrant County. 


Maroon 9 provides rent and utility assistance during patient hospitalizations and provides care packages.​  Maroon 9 has provided eyeglasses for children whose eyesight was affected by Sickle Cell Disease, and has provided scholarships for higher education to children within financially challenged households.  The organization has served over 200 Sickle Cell families and has educated thousands in the community about Sickle Cell Disease at community events.  Events including our annual "World Sickle Cell Day/Juneteenth Celebration", our "Sickle Cell Walk and Community Health Fair", and our "Sickle Cell Scholarship Banquet".  Maroon 9 also hosts an annual "Christmas Toy Drive" and has co-hosted the "Cook Children's Medical Center Hematology & Oncology Christmas Party".

Sickle Cell Patient Registry

If you or someone in your family is living with Sickle Cell Disease, please use the forms below to register in our database and to request financial assistance during hospitalizations.

Sickle Cell Patient Registration Form

Sickle Cell Patient Financial Assistance Request

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