Youth Programs

After-School Program

Maroon 9 hosts the "Virtual Hangout 101" After-School Enrichment Program for area schools and youth programs. 

The program is geared towards providing various enriching workshops for middle school youth.  Workshops include social justice discussions, creative writing, career, college, fine arts, mindfulness, small group mentoring and more.  The workshop is available for booking and can be adapted for any grade level.  


Become A Mentor

Our youth need positive role models willing to share their life stories and encourage them to make good decisions.  If you are interested in being a mentor, please email your information and we will contact you for more details. You can also join the Facebook group and page @DFWBlackMentors to stay updated on opportunities to impact youth.

Juvenile Prevention & Intervention Program

Maroon 9 is focused on creating STEM, Fine Arts, and Life Skill programs for middle and high school youth at risk of gang and crime activity.  The program allows students to express themselves through creative arts and explore real-world lessons using science, technology, engineering, and math.  The Life Skills workshops focus on exposing youth to various career and post-high school options mainly in the areas of STEM.  Through our program, we desire to increase student school attendance, reduce recidivism, and ensure that every youth under our mentorship has a plan after juvenile detention and/or high school.


DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit

The summer of 2020 was the first annual "DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit" providing middle and high school youth the platform to express themselves with their peers.  The program featured 2-weeks of free virtual workshops taught by community professionals on various topics.  Topics included a discussion about being black in the 21st century, coping with stress, using hip hop to relate to life, vision and goal setting, and more. 


Teach a Workshop or Class

Maroon 9 is always seeking innovative workshops and classes to enrich our youth.  If you are a community professional interested in teaching an engaging in-person or virtual workshop, please email your information and workshop idea.  You can also join the Facebook group and page @DFWBlackMentors to stay updated on opportunities to impact youth.

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